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Admired experience!

More than 15 years of work experience are the first words we can start each story for our company, stories that show difficult, but also hard and successful work. With experience gained in Switzerland, Elita Kom company operates in the Macedonian market by bringing to its customers the production of all types of doors made of wood and MDF.

The company founded by Aslan Dzelili and Latif Dzelili managed to become a company known for quality and a major competitor in the market of the country. Even today, the company takes successful steps in the market based on the commitment of the main leader Valmir Dzelili. The company is continuously being developed in the market by bringing innovations and guarantee for the products it offers.

The realization of all your dreams is our main goal!

Elita Kom
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What do they say about us?
With Elita Kom you will not feel even the slightest noise when opening and closing the doors. They represent the perfect melody of relaxation and tranquility.
B. Mustafi, client.
Design and construction

Design and construction

Doors are always the most important part of the environment you live in because they separate the exterior from the interior, and this is the reason you need to be careful when choosing quality and their manufacturing process. Doors are also the visible part of all buildings, which is very important to their design. Elita Kom allows you to fulfill all these parameters in order to be accurate and precise with our customers!

In order to choose our doors, you should first:

  • Imagine your design
  • Share it with us
  • Complete your home